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Whole30: 30 Recipes, Pics, Yays & Nays, & My Top 10 Countdown

Any difficult journey is made easier by people who patiently walk beside you, encouraging and spurring you on. What made my journey painless was having an awesome coach, one who answered any question at any time, settled my expectations and calmed my fears. My Whole30 journey would have taken a dive if it hadn't been for the expert care and advice from Krysten at Krysten's Kitchen. So very thankful for her tips and training, as this gave me the confidence boost I needed to make this a successful journey. One looooooong glance back at our text convo the past month will validate the enormous amount of time and effort it took to help wrap my head around this new way of eating, and it has become a journal, to some degree, of the struggles and successes of my journey. A huge thank you to Krysten for her determination to help me succeed. ❤️ Make sure you visit her website as she has amazing resources, recipes, and tips on how to eat healthy! Click Here: Krysten's Kitchen.


If you don't really know me, then I must clue you in that there is a tiny little rule-follower living inside of me. This never allowed me to cheat, and the Whole30 rule which guided me in this is if you cheat, then the next day becomes Day One. Nope. Was NOT going to do that. My family, however, does not have any sort of little rule-followers living inside of them, and therefore, were not influenced by this in any way, shape or form. Most fell off the wagon by Day 4. 🙄 That's OK. They still ate the dinners and were able to give me the valuable reviews I needed to decide whether or not to keep recipes for the future or toss them out with the trash.



As with any learning experience, there are things you keep and things you discard. And there are things you learn along the way that aid in your success. Here is a random list (in no particular order) of what I learned, what I liked most, tips for the journey, and what I don't think I'll use or eat again:


is super easy with a hand-held mixer! Krysten told me about this!! Wow. Wish I had all those wasted hours back of shredding cooked chicken with a fork. Why isn't this taught in school??


or powder changes the consistency of any liquid to SNOT. My family has become expert arrowroot

detectors. They called it out each time I tried to use it. Will search for a replacement, ha. This, for us, is definitely a NAY.


My favorite (W30 compliant) bar ever is RXBAR. I will eat these until I die. They're THAT good! Never used to like any sort of protein bars. But I now have found my favorite one in the WHOLE world, thanks to Krysten. COCONUT CHOCOLATE. WHAT??


Dairy is not something I ever thought I could live without. CHEESE made the world go 'round for me. But now? I'm OK without it. But what helped for me was a tip, (again), from Krysten. NUTRITIONAL YEAST! Tastes like cheese! True story!


One of my very favorite breakfasts included toasting slices of sweet potato. Wow-- so delicious, didn't miss bread at all! Here are a few pics with explanation:

Raspberry Chia Seed jam, from Krysten's Kitchen was so delicious. Will be making this again! Only difficult thing for me was hiding those expensive raspberries from the vultures who live in my house.

• I'm including two pics of eggs over sweet potato toast--both with avocado. It was fun to be creative with this. Enjoyed this breakfast so much--super filling.

• Since W30 does not allow for peanuts or (obviously) peanut butter, I was thrilled to learn about Almond Butter from Thrive Market. Wow! Would put this on my sweet potato toast, or even on a banana. So delicious!!

• The first time we sliced sweet potatoes, we roasted them in the oven and brushed some olive oil on top with some sprinkles of sea salt. Wow! Tasted like chips. Since that time, Krysten taught me that Sprouts sells them already cut and frozen. Time saver, (not money saver), but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do.


Yesss! We put avocados on everything. Healthy fat. Yum. Cream? Yes, SOUR CREAM SUBSTITUTE! This is a must if you enjoy sour cream on anything. Check out this quick and easy recipe made from cashews by Krysten's Kitchen! Made all of our Mexican recipes that much better!!


Double yessss! Not sure I could ever live without it.

Matt, a dear friend of our family, grabbed a huge slab of pork belly from Costco when we first started W30, and smoked it using salt, paprika, pepper, garlic and bay leaves. We loved this, though next time he swears he will use less salt. Still so delicious.