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No Peace for the Wicked

Peace. Such a buzzword today, isn't it? Everyone wants to find it, share it, establish it, believe in it. Moms seek it. Nations fight for it. Religions promise it.

We want peace of mind,

peace and quiet,

to be at peace,

to make peace,

peace and safety,

......and then......when this life is "done," we want to rest in peace. But as my husband always reminds me, definitions matter. So, what in the world does "peace" actually mean?

There are always two sides to a coin, two sides to a story, and in the case of peace, there are two vastly different perceptions of the same word. The world's view of peace is in stark contrast to the true, biblical definition of peace. The world believes peace to be more of a subjective thing--a feeling one has which depends upon circumstance. They believe man has the power to replace inner turmoil with peace through numerous mystical methods using crystals, meditation, gurus, spirit guides, or whatever. The Dalai Lama says this...