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A Cry for Discernment! Part 3: A Few More Qualities of a Smart Sheep

🐑 ••part of the Smart Sheep series••​ 🐑

Discernment is sorely lacking within the church today. Preachers claiming prosperity and health–in exchange for tithe–dominate the airways. Others eisegetically twist the Word of God to fit whatever narrative they're preaching, changing the meaning of the original text even to the point of feeding their sheep a different gospel. Still others add legalism and fundamentalism to their sermons, giving their sheep a list of things to do to be holy, saved and wise. And then you have the ecumenical preachers and teachers who are putting fellowship above doctrine, insinuating that Christianity can join with other religions. Many are swallowing everything they're fed without searching the Scriptures to evaluate what they're hearing, and many are being taught a postmodernistic philosophy of truth being relative, with crucial passages of the Bible being figurative. We dealt with the need for believers to be studying God's Word in the first part. (Read it here) And in Part Two, we briefly touched on these first five qualities of a Smart Sheep. (Read it here) 🐑

1- Smart Sheep Read the Word for Themselves.

2- Smart Sheep Ask God for Wisdom.

3- Smart Sheep Compare Everything to Scripture.

4- Smart Sheep Protest Against False Doctrine.

5- Smart Sheep Pray for their Pastor.