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Hey Evangelicalism, I've Got 20 Questions

1- What if we go back to viewing Scripture as the inerrant, infallible Word of God and believing in its absolute authority?

2- What if churches gather to worship Christ instead of gathering to seek a man-centered experience?

3- What if pastors stand up and denounce the mysticism entering their church and start protecting the sheep by warning and educating them about the dangers?

4- What if pastors preach verse by verse in context instead of pulling verses from Scripture to support their own ideas?

5- What if pastors preach the true GOSPEL instead of trying to go along with culture, adapting socialistic elements to soften the sheep toward adopting a more "politically correct" way of life?

6- What if pastors preach on HOLINESS instead of HAPPINESS, and teach REPENTANCE instead of COMPLACENCY?

7- What if we recognize the EXCLUSIVITY of Christianity instead of trying to unify with those who proclaim another Jesus and another gospel?