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My Hindsight on 2020

2020 is one year everybody would like to forget. Our world has changed to a degree nobody thought possible, with the future of America still up in the air. Seriously. Who'da thought? Between Covid, riots, fires, bombings, earthquakes, and a flood, this year has been one for the books, and then some.

Wait, what flood, you ask? Well, our personal "rat flood," of course. Yes, you read that right. A rat flood—a flood caused by a rat who chewed through the dishwasher line. A rat flood that caused our family to catapult into six months (and counting) of forced renovation. A rat flood that had us living in a hotel for the whole month of October. A rat flood that threw us into completely re-doing the inside (and outside) of our home because, well, it needed to be done anyway. But bless that rat, we have all new flooring in our house and a new kitchen, so I'm quite thankful, I am. But still, this has sucked so much life and time from our family with having to design a new kitchen, throw everything into boxes, have constant construction workers here, etc. It has been quite a year. (A blog post with pics showing our new reno is in the works).

Besides all of this, though, 2020 has definitely produced m