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STOP! Check Ingredients Before Ingestion!

I'm a researcher. I love looking into the background of things because, for most of my life, I took things at face value and never questioned anything. I never questioned anybody. So maybe I have gone to the opposite extreme? I dunno....

For years I have followed a particular evangelical leader, listening to many of his talks from various conferences online. Recently, I noticed he had been quoting a particular person quite a bit on Twitter----actually, it turns out he has quoted him 185 times since last March. This would lead anybody to believe he endorses him, right? I mean, you're not going to quote someone that many times if you don't fully stand behind this person. Well, I wouldn't, at least!

So, what's a researcher to do but to study the background of the person he's quoting? Well, I truly wasn't prepared to read what I found. Now, just so you know, I can offer grace to somebody who quotes someone once or twice who actually said something good, but maybe is a heretic or "off" on their theology. Oh well. It happens. But I do not understand it when someone (who should know better) tweets quotes from the same guy 185 times

within a seven month period. To me that screams, "YOU HAVE TO READ THIS GUY'S BOOKS, BECAUSE HE'S THE BEST THING EVER!" And the first thing I (would normally) want to do is read one of his books as soon as I can! My bookshelves are filled with books acquired through this method. Ask my husband! But I've changed. Now I'm all about asking the hard questions first. I'm all about stopping to check ingredients first before ingesting anything.

So as I set out to understand the worldview, beliefs and philosophy of this "well quoted" person, I found some disturbing things that didn't line up with Scripture. Big red flags. Here's a brief list of what I found. This person: