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BOOK REVIEW— The Shattering: An Encounter with Truth, by Jessica Smith

For some time I have had very strong concerns about Christians naively participating in the activity of yoga. Just considering the obvious origins of this practice should be concerning, but due to the way it has been repackaged for westerners, yoga has become benign to most––just another “healthy” and “stress-reducing” option on the fitness plate from which to choose. This is far from the truth, but exactly the intention behind the deception.

At the same time it is surprising that so many believers are deceived by the practice of yoga that is easily creeping into evangelicalism, it’s not surprising when you consider the apathy and sleepiness that has stealthily crept into our church doors. It’s also not surprising when you study the scriptures and consider who the father of lies really is, and what his motives are. There is nothing he would love more than to entice naïve Christians into participating in dangerous activity that not only is antithetical to God’s Word through the worship of other deities, but is something that God commands against and decisively loathes. Why would we chance dishonoring the God who created us, who saved us, all in the name of exercise and health?