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A Cry for Discernment! Part Four: Last Few Main Qualities of a Smart Sheep

The state of evangelicalism is deteriorating rapidly. I believe that within our lifetime we will see serious censorship of pastors, biblical ministries, and even the laymen's voice. We're witnessing the beginning of it now. The ability to freely proclaim the gospel will soon be rare. Persecution of true believers in the United States is closer than we think. And what is the current condition of church attenders? Most take the view that we should be tolerant, loving towards those who promote a different, unbiblical doctrine--that unity is more important than truth, and we should allow people to teach what God is personally "speaking" to them without question. Most are not able to identify error because they aren't familiar enough with the truth. Because a lack of discernment has infiltrated our churches, we have allowed wolves into the pack who preach a different gospel, a different Jesus, and the few who are calling them out are being silenced and shamed into climbing down off of the walls they watch from. This is the motivation that has fueled me to write this series.

In the previous three parts (part one, part two and part three), we talked about some crucial characteristics of a Smart Sheep which include:

1- Smart Sheep Read the Word for Themselves.

2- Smart Sheep Ask God for Wisdom.

3- Smart Sheep Compare Everything to Scripture.