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Thanksgiving List

Happy Thanksgiving picture

Some years, the list just flows out of me. Others, it takes a little bit of time to call out the blessings. This is one of those years. Regardless, it's an annual tradition that teaches me to be thankful, reminds me of what God has done for me, and it always results in a sweet joy and contentment knowing that He is pleased when I am grateful.

Here's my (very incomplete) list of thankfulness for 2017:

  • for a routine with my Autistic son that includes cuddling with him at bedtime, talking through his day, encouraging him by calling out his successes, praying for him, and singing our family lullaby; (see my post on Jeremy here)

  • for my daughter Jillian's new found love of cooking, which has been a huge blessing to our whole family, especially me;

picture of daughter kneading dough

  • for texts from a dear friend every morning, encouraging me with Scripture and promises of prayer, walking through the grieving process with me;

  • for my son, Josh, and his servant-heart;

  • for a husband who is such a hard worker, such a great provider for our family; though it's a difficult season of long hours, Jeff never complains and constantly shows our family what a good work ethic looks like;

  • for a newly found podcast of a great expositor and dear pastor who is now a dear friend;​

  • for quiet mornings and delicious coffee;

  • for a long, ongoing group text with dear friends who constantly make me laugh, think, and remind me to not take myself so seriously;

  • for my community on Twitter, though Jeff calls them my "pretend friends;" 😂

  • for my sweet students in guitar class;

  • for the dear friendships I've made with people in my Bible Study and Sunday School;

picture of mom and me

  • for the privilege of taking care of my mom, and how God allowed for her to already be living here when Daddy passed; (read more about this here and here)

  • for a friend who truly understands me, listens to my rants, encourages me through my tears, has walked with me through very difficult issues, and daily shares in everyday craziness--she's my Thelma, I'm her Louise;

picture of my beautiful dog, Cabrilla

  • for a dog who is deeply loyal, completely protective, and always my constant shadow;

  • for foo-foo cream, even if it's bad for me;

  • for technology that allows me to be creative, connect with many friends, and track (stalk) where my family members are at all times;

  • for my niece who has offered to carry on the long-term tradition I had with my Daddy of meeting at the refrigerator on Thanksgiving night for a piece of turkey dipped in Miracle Whip;

  • for my older daughter who pursues me, puts up with my craziness, allows me to prefer non-fiction when she's all about fiction, and planned a road trip with me in December (woohoo!);

  • for a sweet relationship with my older boys & my daughter-in-law, all of whom I love and dearly miss;

  • but most of all, I’m thankful for a faithful God, rich in mercy, Who has given me the gift of salvation through the death & resurrection of His perfect Son Jesus Christ, Who died in my place. This gives me great reason to be thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving!

...give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 1 Thessalonians 5:18

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