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Winnie Crew: A Faithful Servant Indeed

My precious mama, Winnie Crew, went to be with her Lord and Savior the morning of October 26th, 2019, after suffering a "slow burning" stroke in early September which claimed most of her vision and continued to do damage as time went on.

I had the honor of taking care of her in our home until she passed, and am completely grateful for God's perfect timing, knowing He is sovereign and allowed this for His glory and my good. God IS good.

On November 17th, we had a memorial for her at Grace Bible Church in Oxnard for her southern California friends and family,

and on November 23rd, we had a memorial at Dolores Park Church in San Francisco for her northern California friends and family. So very thankful for dear friends who stepped up to volunteer their time to help pull both of these services off and make them so special in honoring her life and celebrating her home-going. I could not have pulled this off without the expert help from Mike & Betty Murphy and Dustin and Amanda Rogers in southern California, and my mom's dear friend, Malene Hunt, in northern California.

It truly was an honor and privilege to speak at these two memorials. A dear friend of my mom suggested I type up the transcript from the speech and post it for those who weren't able to attend. The words below are close to what was said both in Oxnard and San Francisco.


On behalf of my family, I'd like to thank you so much for coming today to celebrate the home-going of my mom, Winnie Crew.

There are many adjectives I could use to describe my mom. Kind, friendly, helpful, funny, punctual. She was strong. She was supportive — so supportive, especially, to my Daddy. She was super organized. A place for everything and everything in its place kind of gal. But the two words that MOST describe mom are ones my husband recently gave me:


💜Mom was so faithful in her walk with the Lord.

She was a true prayer warriordaily praying for our family, her friends, various ministries, pastors, churches... She kept a very detailed, long list by her Bible and would pray through it every morning. (It's hard to not think that all of us on that list are now going to fall apart without her daily praying for us, ha).

Mom loved God's Word. There hardly was a day she'd miss reading her Bible in the morning. This was a habit she established when she was young, and carried out with my Daddy all

throughout their marriage—creating an indelible memory of seeing them read their Bibles in their breakfast room growing up in San Francisco, and also in their breakfast room inside the "Red Barn." When she lost her vision in the stroke she had in early September, this was very distressful to her since she was unable to read her Bible anymore. I had to set up an audio Bible for her, which, thankfully, she grew to love. On the morning she passed, we had been listening to almost the whole book of Psalms together—her favorite book. (And as a side note, we also spent many hours listening to the Covenant 4 Quartet, as well. In fact, the song playing when she passed is the 8th song on their album, Get On Board —a song entitled, "By and By." This song always made me cry due to the beautiful—and applicable—lyrics, coupled with the memories that flooded in from long ago.) 💜

Mom also had a heart of thanksgiving. She made it a practice to be thankful in ALL things. Growing up in her household, we were taught at a very early age to be thankful for everything. She would remind us that Scripture commands us to be thankful—and that "everything" means "everything," not just what we love, and what is awesome. We watched this play out in her life as she chose to be thankful when Daddy died, even though this was the hardest thing she ever went through. What a beautiful picture of a woman thankful to a sovereign God who knows much better than we do.

💜So, mom was faithful in her walk with the Lord, but she was also a faithful, loyal supporter to my Daddy.

Mom loved him with all her heart. They were best friends for

66 years. Daddy was the big-picture, dreamer kind of guy who had all sorts of fun, crazy ideas, while mom was the one behind the scenes making them all happen. For instance, in 1963, Daddy said to her,

"Hey Winnie, let's start a male gospel quartet. I will sing bass, you can play piano, and we'll sing in churches, at conferences, and make a bunch of albums. How does that sound to you?"

Well, mom got busy and started arranging the practices, the tours, the concerts, most of their music, and all of their outfits. The Covenant 4 Quartet went on to have a vibrant ministry for 50 years, touring up and down the west coast, and producing sixteen albums. Mom was the engine behind Daddy's dreams. She was a wonderful example to me of a godly, supportive, faithful and loving wife to her best friend.

💜Mom was a faithful follower of Christ, a faithful & loving wife, and lastly,​ she was a faithful servant with her gifts.

God gave her such an amazing musical talent. As a teenager, Warner Brothers offered her a job playing piano for their movies. After talking it through with her mom, she decided to decline the job, and then went on to pursue studying music and using her amazing talent for God's glory, which she did for the rest of her life. She truly was an amazing accompanist, arranger, had perfect pitch, and seriously could play in any and every key while computing her taxes. Any piece of music put before her, she played with absolute perfection and ease at the drop of a hat. She played for graduations, recitals, services, conferences, weddings, funerals, musicals, ... just about every scenario you can think of. But her ultimate goal in playing was to bring honor to her Savior, which she did.

Besides her amazing musical talent, Mom was also a wonderful hostess. Our home was always open to traveling missionaries, weekly Bible studies, hymn sings, and the single gal trying to get on her feet. She loved making everything warm and inviting for visitors, and because of it, we have life-long friends who had stayed with our family over the years. This was a beautiful example to me as a young girl looking toward the future of one day running my own home.

Mom was also a gifted teacher, and used this gift regularly in children's Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and teaching women's Bible studies for many years in San Francisco. She was a wise teacher because she marinated in Scripture every day. And God gifted her with a beautiful ability to communicate the truths she learned from spending time in His Word for many years.