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Pizza, Autism, & Food-Blogging Nieces: You Need 2 out of 3

My sweet niece is a food blogger–an amazing food blogger, by the way. You should follow her, like her, and do all that other social media stuff to her. She has poured out her energy into finding the healthiest, most delicious ways to tweak everyone's favorite recipes so we will all live longer and happier and all that. Honestly, check out her website-- But don't click the link yet!! Allow me to continue first.....

Krysten has been kinda like the sister I never had. I used to beg my parents to give me a sister when I was young––'beg' might not even be a strong enough word. And, as some of you know, that just never happened. But now I have one. You'd never know that I'm 24 years older than her. Have laughed more with her than anybody--she's hilarious. So thankful for such a precious friendship, and even more blessed & grateful that she is family.

Krysten had always been the "fun cousin" my five kids looked forward to spending time with. But when Jeremy came along? It was an instant bond both ways. They love hanging out. They have inside jokes. They face-time. They sing. Doesn't matter that

they're 23 years apart–they're best buddies.