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DAY 28:

Stuffed Chicken Tenderloins with W30 gravy, green beans, red potatoes and chunks of cantaloupe


Um. OK. Well, in hindsight I would have pulled this out earlier…. was a bit dry. We couldn’t find turkey tenderloins, so we used chicken — and they were much smaller than the turkey would have been, so I should have noticed this. Oh well. Made for some fun conversation and some laughs.

The gravy was interesting…. (my family said it had the consistency of snot, ha). The stuffing inside was OK—cauliflower rice with onions, carrots, celery, and dried cranberries.

Overall, this probably isn’t a recipe I’m going to repeat. Labor intensive with not great reviews.

Reminded me of when we used to teach our kids when they were little to thank the cook after the meal by saying “Thank you for the lunch. I especially liked the ______.” And hearing Justin (when he was 4 or 5) say “Thank you for the lunch, I especially liked the…. water” reminded me of Jeff saying that the beans were good, ha. (The beans took no work at all.)

If you want the recipe (not sure you would after this review ha) here is the turkey one.
And here is the recipe for the snot like gravy.

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