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Breakfast Ideas and Other Tips

As we continue with Whole30 this month,

I'll be adding pics of various breakfast ideas and other tips

that we've discovered and enjoyed along the way...

Two eggs over easy
with Sweet Potato "Toast"

This is just so delicious. We roasted slices of white sweet potato in the oven the night before (425 degrees for 15 min or so). Stuck a few pieces in the toaster oven in the morning while cooking up two eggs. I seriously don't even miss the bread!

Raspberry Chia Jam
over Sweet Potato "Toast"

Wow, this jam makes you think you're cheating!

Our coach, Krysten (from Krysten's Kitchen) told us about this recipe from her site. Super easy to make! I'll never buy store-made sugar filled jam again. Soooooo delicious.

Almond Butter
from Thrive Market

What? Our family LOVES peanut butter. But on Whole30 we can't eat anything with peanuts. Enter Almond Butter from Thrive Market. YUM! We have eaten this with our sweet potato toast (can you tell we love sweet potato toast??), and I have enjoyed it on a banana. So delicious! And only ONE ingredient! Almonds!


There is nothing better than adding avocado to anything! Wow! Just makes you feel like you're cheating! Definite upscale to any meal!


Two eggs over easy with avocado on top of Sweet Potato Toast with a huge side of roasted veggies. Yum!

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