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Larry, the Christmas Caterpillar is a heartwarming children's book that revolves around a special caterpillar found by a young boy just before Christmas. This extraordinary caterpillar, named Larry, embarks on an enchanting journey, hidden within the family's Christmas tree. As the family searches for their missing guest, they stumble upon a surprising discovery in the form of a shiny ornament nestled among the branches. Together, they share a sense of wonder and joy as they witness the amazing transformation of their newfound friend, which leads to the gospel message—told in child friendly verse—making this a perfect resource for parents and teachers, at home, church and school. With captivating illustrations that capture the essence of Larry’s journey, this delightful book is perfect for families to share and learn about a new life in Christ.

Larry, the Christmas Caterpillar

Only 4 left in stock
  • When you order from my website, each book will come with a special butterfly ornament that you can attach to your Christmas tree. 

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